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Middle & Elementary School Social Workers

The Sheila Y. Oliver Academy's counseling department consists of Elementary and Middle school social workers. It is our intent that the counseling department is an additional resource to students, staff, and parents. We strive to provide services that meet the mental health and social-emotional needs of our students. Making sure that the immediate needs of our families are met is a priority. On a consistent basis, we share a wealth of resources on our platforms that are shared with us. However, if there is information needed on a topic that we have not shared, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and let us know. We are truly here to help.
The counseling program is under the Education and Support Services and Parent Relations umbrella of services. The things that we do at the school level are driven by the guidance set forth by that department. The Parent Relations component informs our involvement in PTO and other parent-involvement-sponsored activities. We welcome and appreciate parent involvement and we are always open to feedback in making our program better.  For your convenience, below please find a list of things that our services include, but are not limited to:  
School-Based Counseling - there is an outside agency that has been collaborating with the district to provide ongoing counseling services here at the school. 
Classroom presentations - (range of topics include substance abuse, character education, SEL, conflict resolution, etc.)
Small groups -  (groups may be offered for those with behavioral challenges, anger management, etc.)
Community partnerships
Parent relations (PTO meetings, workshops, monthly activities, inviting speakers, etc)
Facilitating parent conferences
Provide assistance with outside mental health resources
If you need assistance in any area, please contact us. Our information is as follows:
School Main number - 973-266-5860
Ms. Kathy Shoulars - Elementary Social Worker (Grades Pre-K - 4)
[email protected]
Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) Chair
McKinney Vento Liaison (for homeless or displaced families)
DCP&P Liaison
Mrs. Lita King-Morton - Middle School Social Worker (Grades 5-8)
[email protected]
Anti-Bullying Specialist (ABS) *all grades
Substance Abuse Liaison
8th grade advisor